Sera kH Test Kit

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Sera kH Test Kit
Makes it easy to monitor the carbonate hardness in fresh and salt water

For approx. 390°dKH.

KH is one of the most overlooked and least understood elements of aquarium chemistry. KH plays a vital role in keeping your water parameters stable. Without it, your pH would bounce all over the place, stressing your fish and causing all kinds of problems.

KH is carbonate hardness and refers to how much carbonate is in the water. This becomes even more relevant when injecting CO2 into the aquarium. KH also provides a neat way to be able to estimate how much dissolved CO2 is in the aquarium at a point in time. Carbonate hardness also determines buffering capacity of the aquarium water.

A higher KH will also stop your pH slowly dropping over time.

Generally, as KH rises so does pH. But don’t let this scare you away from maintaining a healthy KH.

Having a stable pH that is a little high is much better than a pH that swings up and down all the time.

In saltwater tanks, KH serves a second purpose. Corals use carbonates to build their exoskeletons. If you are creating a reef tank, you’ll need to watch that KH!

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