Aqua One Carbo Pad

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Aqua One Carbo Pad
Suitable for Freshwater or Saltwater Marine Aquarium use. Removes free-floating waste and debris. Purifies water. Removes Toxins. AquaOne Filter Pads give the user the ability to cut and shape their pads to suit any Aquarium filtration system including: Hang on Filters, External canister Filters, Trickle / Mini Reef Systems, Top Filters, Internal Filters, Pond Filters and any other Aquarium and Pond Filter Unit

Size: 25x46cm

The AquaOne Carbo Pad is a tightly woven chemical Filter pad which absorbs residual medications, tannins released from driftwood and dissolved organics. It also supplements any other chemical or biological Aquarium filter media by removing free-floating particles and colours by trapping them whilst “polishing” your Aquarium water.

It is essential you replace your AquaOne Carbo Pad after 6-8 weeks. The microscopic pores in the Carbo Pad can actually fill up. Once they do, they release all the waste previosly collected back into your Aquarium.

Carbo Pad must be removed when medicating the Aquarium as it will absorb medication
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