Aqua One Water Conditioner Health + 2L

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Aqua One Water Conditioner Health + 2L
Water conditioner is essential when filling water into your aquarium for the first time or when changing water in an existing aquarium.

This product is a real innovation. Not only does it condition fresh tap water for aquarium use but it also adds other substances to the water to re enforce your fish’s immune systems and really boost their health. Every time you use this additive you are doing your fish good!

◾ Conditions tap water instantly
◾ Boosts fish health
◾ Economical in use
◾ Use at each water change

Aqua One Health Plus Water Conditioner improves aquarium environment by removing and neutralizing harmful toxins such as chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals found in tap water whilst enhancing the natural protective slime coating on fish.

Neutralises chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals
Enhances the natural slime coating on fish
Suitable for Freshwater Coldwater, Tropical and Marine
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