Aqua One Reflector - LED ReefGlo 72W 60cm

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Aqua One Reflector - LED ReefGlo 72W 60cm
he Aqua One ReefGlo LED light unit provides
energy efficient high intensity lighting with a
spectrum that enhances the colours of fish and
corals, whilst providing optimum lighting conditions
for coral growth. The full spectrum supports beneficial
photosynthesis and enhances pigmentation - creating
an optimal environment for invertebrates and fish.
Using 3W LED emitters, the high output ReefGlo LED
provides both intensity and penetration for larger
Suitable for: Marine & Coral Reef
• High output, energy efficient LED lighting.
• Contains 6 strips of LED’s in a sleek black aluminium
casing – 4 x White and 2 x Blue.
• Includes 2 power supplies. Each power supply
controls an independent colour (blue or white)
meaning that the power supplies can be put on
separate timers, to automate the switching of each
• Mounting brackets can easily slide along the
channels of the light unit to fit your aquarium.
• Easily mounted and adjustable with a “screw
clamp” fixture.
• Includes a ‘suspension mount’ kit to hang your
light over the aquarium.
• Creates an aesthetically pleasing aquarium
enhancing the colours of fish and invertebrates,
whilst enhancing coral growth.
• Aquarium lighting is an essential part of the aquarium set up and the life of your fish and plants. Use a light timer to help
turn on the aquarium light in the morning and turn it off in the evening to replicate day and night cycles. Most species
of fish need light for approximately 10-12 hours a day.
Notes, Hints and Tips:
• It is important to follow the safety guidelines as set out in the instruction manual contained within the packaging of
the product.
• This product is not intended for use by children or infirm persons without supervision.
• Do not use the appliance for reasons other than the intended use.
• The use of attachments that are not recommended or sold by the manufacturer may cause the product to be unsafe
and should be avoided.
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