Pothocarry Plus

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Pothocarry Plus
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The Poth-O-Carry' Plus was designed to hold Pothos (and other plants) at the top of your fish tank, with the bottom of their stalk dipped in, the leafy part on top. The plant will drink in the delicious fertilized water from your fish tank and thrive! As a thank you, the plant will slurp up the excess nitrate in your tank, decreasing the frequency of water changes required. It's a total win-win. Pothos also has the added benefit of absorbing airborne toxins in your home! Pretty cool.

Sometimes you want to transplant your pothos or other plants out of your tank to another area. sometimes you want to keep your roots too. I've made the Poth-O-Carry' Plus for just that purpose. A removable face plate allows for swapping out root-plentiful plants, into other vessels. This unit has slightly larger holding tubes, so it's 4 tubes wide instead of the original 5. There's no hard-to-reach areas to clean, just scrub it out and add another set of plants.

Want even more versatility? Try out my Poth-O-Carry' Plus: Rail Edition! For folks who keep their aquarium water lower than the rim, the Rail Edition can lower deep into any tank, below the lid. Great for vivariums!

The Poth-O-Carry', while originally designed for pothos, will also hold other plants, including lucky bamboo, spider plants, Purple Heart, orchids, etc. Basically, if it thrives in an aquaponic environment, and fits down the tube, you're in. Some plants do better at nitrate absorption than others, but sometimes ya just want pretty flowers or something. well that's just fine with Poth-O-Carry'.

The Poth-O-Carry' Plus holds up to 4 x .75" diameter pothos or other plant stalks above your aquarium for easy viewing, and great root growth.

Poth-O-Carry' clips to the inside of the tank using gravity as the stabilizer. To keep Poth-O-Carry' happy on a tank, the bulk of the weight of the plant must extend above or in front of the tubes.

The Rail Version comes with a 3inch rimmed or rimless Rail. PLease let us know what you would prefer when you order
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  • Posted: 2024-05-19

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