Poth-O-Carry Sweet

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Poth-O-Carry Sweet
The Sweet Potato is a staple nitrate-sucker for many a home aquarist. But how to keep it in one place? Skewers? Rubber bands? Meh, let's try this. Introducing the Poth-O-Carry' Sweet. Born with a flexible pair of tato-graspers on the front, the Poth-O-Carry' Sweet can gently grip onto many sizes of sweet potato, without damage. The opening measures 2.75" wide, and the grippers flex to form an opening from 2" to a fully open position, to grip Sweet potatoes from 8" (At the lower gripping point) circumference to 11". Many Sweet potatoes have a classic carrot-like shape to them, that is ideal for the Poth-O-Carry' Sweet. Due to it's 3d printed nature, and flexibility to hold many different sizes, I'd recommend treating the flexible tips of the Poth-O-Carry' Sweet with a gentle hand. The front pincers will flex almost 90 degrees, just ya know don't take a pair of pliers to them ;)

Poth-O-Carry' clips to the inside of the tank using gravity as the stabilizing agent. To keep Poth-O-Carry' happy on a tank, the bulk of the weight of the plant must extend above or in front of the tubes.

A very helpful fish keeper informed me that this will work well for their celery too! I do believe i agree!
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