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The Poth-O-Carry' Lily Holder incorporates the same rail system as my Poth-O-Carry Versa line of aquarium plant pots. Select for rimmed or rimless rail for a sleeker look. Your plant can be lowered nearly 6" down in your aquarium, great for ripariums! The rim on the edge of your aquarium will keep everything secure for far longer than any suction cup.

A variant of the Poth-O-Carry' Sweet, the Lily Holder has a more circular design with a tapered pincer to gently support a single plant of decent size with an established root system. If just starting the roots, be sure the leaves on top are also trimmed back to keep the center of gravity lower. For larger set ups, check out my Poth-O-Carry' Versa Baskets.

Poth-O-Carry' clips to the inside of the tank using gravity as the stabilizing agent. To keep Poth-O-Carry' happy on a tank, the bulk of the weight of the plant must extend above or in front of the tubes.
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[{"colour":"Black","size":"Standard","price":20,"pid":3790796,"style":"Rail (rimmed or rimless please specify)","disabled":true,"imgsrc":"/images/588492/pid3790793/il_1140xN.4621527601_juli.jpg","title":"Lilly"},{"colour":"Black","size":"Plus","price":33,"pid":3790797,"style":"Rail (rimmed or rimless please specify)","disabled":true,"imgsrc":"/images/588492/pid3790793/il_1140xN.4870248116_kts4.jpg","title":"Lilly"}]

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  • Posted: 2023-09-19

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