Poth-O-Carry Versa

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Poth-O-Carry Versa
*UPDATED DESIGN* Includes breathing holes in front and back of the basket, for more root access.

The Poth-O-Carry' Versa was born of the need to have an adjustable height home for your peace lilies, or other such plants that have specific water depth requirements. Plants are a wonderful addition to any fish tank, for both beauty and nitrate management. Sometimes your fish will eat the leaves, so an above-water plant is a great solution. dip the roots in, never have to water the plant. Add some color to the top of your tank! Some plants like to have their roots fully submerged, others like to be sitting out. Poth-O-Carry' Versa, with it's adjustable cube-basket, will do that for you. It can sit with the basket a half inch above the rim of the tank, or lower all the way to 3.5" below the rim! The basket is a cube 3.5"x3.5"x3.5", and has breathing and root holes on the left and right sides, as well as the bottom.

Standard Rim will support up to 1.5" rims, and the Rimless Option will work for rimless tanks up to .5" in thickness.

The photos show you the height variability. :D I hope you like it!

Looking to expand the versatility of the Versa even more? Add SpringBoards to your Versa to provide 5 additional shoots into the water next to your Versa. Add up to 3 for the Versa, and up to 4 for the Versa Max!

All options come with a 3 inch rimmed or rimless rail
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  • A message from the creator
    Hello everyone! This is Matt Schrader, the creator of Poth-O-Carry® here in the United States. Chris at Creative Aquariums NZ has my full license and support to sell Poth-O-Carry® to the good folks in New Zealand, save on some shipping and import duties, and enjoy! You can email me at Matt@poth-o-carry.com if you have any questions / comments
    Posted: 2023-08-10 by Matt at Poth-O-Carry

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